“The Genius of Birbal: A Tale of Wit and Wisdom”

“The Genius of Birbal: A Tale of Wit, Wisdom, and the Genius Within”

In the opulent lavish of Emperor Akbar, there resided a genius, Birbal, whose reputation for wisdom was unmatched. Akbar, curious to test his advisor’s intellect, posed a perplexing question: “How many crows roam our kingdom, Birbal?”

Undeterred by the challenge, the genius, Birbal, confidently accepted the task, promising an answer within three days. With cunning foresight, Birbal orchestrated a plan to tackle the seemingly impossible query.

The genius, Birbal, devised a clever scheme. He scattered grains across the kingdom, enticing crows from far and wide to feast upon them. Then, he meticulously observed and calculated the consumption of these grains.

On the appointed day, Birbal returned to the court, his countenance brimming with assurance. “Your Majesty,” he proclaimed, “after careful observation and calculation, I can confidently say there are precisely 4,87,236 crows in our kingdom.”

Impressed by the genius of Birbal’s method, Akbar marveled at his advisor’s ingenuity. From that moment on, the bond between Emperor Akbar and the genius, Birbal, grew even stronger, their tales of wit and wisdom becoming legendary throughout the land.

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